Battle of the Bands (BOB) is one of the largest student-organized events in ISM. As a committee, our goal is to not only create two exciting nights filled with great music, delicious food, and amazing prizes, but also to financially support organizations and charities that aim to create a positive and sustainable impact on our community. Each year, we donate approximately P10,000-P100,000 to selected organizations who will use their money, raised and donated from BOB, to improve their own environments and planned projects. Some past organizations include SPECS-TECC, Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines (PREP), Philippine Christian Foundation, ECPAT, Bahay Maria Orphanage, and the Vicky Sycip Herrera Scholarship Foundation. This year, we hope to help out as many, if not more, organizations, to create and even bigger impact on those around us.

Vicky Sycip Herrera Scholarship
In commemoration of Vicky's, a former guidance counselor in ISM, service to the community, the International School of Manila (ISM) has established the Vicky Sycip Herrera Scholarship. The scholarship seeks to fund local national students of exceptional ability but whose parents lack the financial capacity to fund an education at ISM. Presently, the school supports four Scholars in each Grade from 8 to 12. Vicky's Scholar would be the fifth such. These students all pass an elaborate selection process involving standardized assessment tests, essays and psychological evaluations as well as a comprehensive means test to ascertain the family's financial circumstances. The money that BOB will donate to the fund will help supplement the scholarship fund to ensure the continuity of this scholarship.
SPECS-TECC is an organization that has been affiliated with the ISM community for several years now. The ISM community helps SPECS primarily in two sites: The Home For Boys and The Drop In Center, where children from around the area come to get a meal, take a shower and overall stay off the streets and away from negative influences through educational alternatives. Our aim is to help impoverished youths through numerous activities that would help develop them in understanding how to take care of themselves and give them a proper childhood with resources they may not have been able to be exposed to without SPECS. BOB will help SPECS by helping fund the SPECS scholarship program; this scholarship helps a child whose economic situation has hindered his or her ability to receive a full and fulfilling education.
PREP, or “Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines” is a student run organization, started in the 1990s by a group of high school students from International School Manila and Vicky Herrera, the beloved ex-guidance counselor at ISM. It was created as a way to improve the public education system in Tagaytay, a province about an hour away from Manila. PREP's goal is to aid these struggling schools, teachers and students by providing them with educational materials, creating lesson plans built around each school, and fostering a love for learning within the students. This year, PREP's chosen school, Isidro Cuadro, urgently needs 100 wooden armchair desks for their students. BOB will provide money to PREP so that they can get the desks built for the Isidro Cuadro School, enabling their students to have a better, more enhanced, learning experience.
NVC'S 'Peter Project'
The Peter Project began in early 2013 as an initiative to provide motorized fishing boats to fishermen's helpers who were earning only about P50 (a little over $1.00) a day, but had the potential to earn more using existing skills if only they had boats of their own. The project has expanded to help fishermen whose boats were destroyed by natural disasters, particularly super typhoon Haiyan, which devastated many parts of the Visayas on November 8, 2013. The initiative is named after St. Peter the Apostle, who was a fisherman before he was called to be a "fisher of men". Their goal is to allow fishermen to reclaim their source of income as soon as possible, reducing the negative impact of the disaster on their lives and that of their families and communities, through generous donations from individuals, charity groups, local governments, and corporations. BOB will be donating one boat along with supplies to a fisherman, in order to allow him to reach his highest potential to earn more money, and live a better life.
Green Earth Heritage Youth Movement
The GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is a Christian non-stock, non-profit NGO founded in 2009, after receiving a donation of over 100 hectares of land in the bucolic foothills of the Sierra Madres in Bulacan. Their aim is to alleviate their country's farmers from poverty through livelihood programs and education. Another goal of GreenEarth is to plant about 1000 trees in their land. BOB will provide money for this Tree Planting Program, at about 150 pesos per tree. The funds given by BOB will go directly towards the various processes required to plant the seedlings sustainably and effectively considering the harsh weather conditions of the Philippines. Their main goal of the project is to not only promote sustainability in the Philippines, but to also help recover the denuded regions of their land that have been brought about by Typhoon Haiyan.
500 Peso National Bookstore Gift-certificates for ISM Contractual Workers
Every year, BOB spends 120,000 pesos of the money it raises to buy 500 gift certificates for all of ISM's contractual workers, to thank them for their service to our school. With these gift certificates, ISM's contractual workers are able to buy school supplies for their children, which, in turn, helps them with their studies.